Embodied Power & Polarity
Ubud, Bali
January 28th - 29th
10:30am - 7pm
Are you curious about exploring deeper dynamics around true power and embodied polarity?
Come join Aaron Kleinerman & Xavier De Forceville for a powerful 2 day workshop.

During this 2 day workshop we will explore the two main polarity principles of
tantra in a practical, down to earth & embodied way.

Together we go on a beautiful journey to discover these principles and how they
come to live in each one of us.
Power is life force.

Power is expressed in every area of our life, but is often existing in the shadow.

Power exists within us and is often expressed to have power over another.
Are you ready to truly love yourself?

To live a life of joy, sensuality and power? 
To stop putting others needs before your own?

To create the life of your dreams?

This is a gateway into optimizing every area of your life.
In this experiential workshop, we will dive into many of the shadows and edges around power & polarity, so that you can discover your true embodied power that exudes from your heart.

Polarity is the key to truly mastering the human experience and embody your

You will learn to balance your masculine and feminine dynamics.
You will learn to safely and effectively express your emotional body.

You will discover your true power to penetrate life with love.

You will discover a power to destroy anything that no longer serves you.

You will discover a power that awakens the heart-centered lover inside of you.
Who is this for?
This is for complete beginners or for people who are familiar with Tantra. Both couples and individuals are welcome.

For couples, this is a great way to learn to connect deeper with your partner and for individuals it’s the best way to learn to connect with yourself and others in a safe, fun, sacred space.

Participants can be of all ages and from all backgrounds and professions, from students and health care professionals.

The experiential elements may include movement, sound, breath work, verbal sharing, dance, eye contact, and some gentle physical contact. The spirit of the evening is one of gentleness, playfulness, respect and inner observation.

Participants are fully clothed, and as in all Aaron Kleinerman events you always have choice as to whether, and to what degree, you engage.
What to wear?
Please wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate for sitting on the floor and for
gentle movement. We will be in a beautiful venue.
Venue: Amatara Royal Casa Ganesha - Ubud
+62 361 8493577